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Comprehensive Care for Residential, Strata, and Commercial Properties

Discover Year Round Yard Maintenance’s Handyman Services, where we unite quality, efficiency, and reliability to fulfill the diverse maintenance needs of properties including residential homes, stratas, and commercial spaces. Operating from Victoria, BC, our extensive handyman offerings cater to a wide range of clients. While we focus on the specific needs of property management firms, strata councils, and commercial entities, we equally serve the individual demands of residential homeowners, ensuring every property receives the utmost care and expertise.

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We are located in Victoria, BC
Based in beautiful Victoria, BC, we offer service in Victoria and the surrounding areas.

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Tailored Services for Diverse Needs

Our wide array of handyman services is crafted to address the unique challenges faced by different properties. Whether it’s enhancing security with upgraded door services, assembling furniture, tackling plumbing and electrical jobs, or performing outdoor maintenance like pressure washing and gutter cleaning, our skilled professionals ensure your property—be it a sprawling commercial complex, a multifamily strata property, or your family home—receives the attention it deserves.

General Maintenance

  • Enhanced Security Door Services:Upgrade or repair door handles and locks for superior security and functionality.
  • Squeaky Door Solutions:Apply expert lubrication to hinges, silencing any annoying noises.
  • Precision Picture and Shelf Hanging:Ensure accuracy and wall integrity for all your hanging needs.
  • Flat-Pack Furniture Assembly: Expertly follow instructions to construct your new furniture flawlessly.
  • Drywall Repair: Address small damages, filling nail holes and fixing door knob impacts.
  • Door Stop Installation: Prevent further damage by installing door stops strategically.


  • Faucet Replacement:Transform your kitchen’s functionality with a simple faucet upgrade.
  • Cabinet Hinge Adjustments: Resolve misaligned doors for a seamlessly functioning kitchen.
  • Cupboard Handle Renewal:Refresh your kitchen’s look with stylish new handles.


  • Shower Head Replacement:Elevate your showering experience with a simple upgrade.
  • Re-caulking Services:Protect your bathroom from water damage and mold with professional re-caulking.
  • Towel Bar Installation/Replacement: Enhance bathroom storage and accessibility with modern towel bars.


  • Light Fixture Services:Modernize your space with new or repaired ceiling and wall lights.
  • Dimmer Switch Installation:Create ambiance and save energy with adjustable lighting options.
  • Outlet and Cover Upgrades:Refresh your outlets for enhanced safety and aesthetics.


  • Running Toilet Fix: Address toilet issues by replacing flappers or adjusting fill valves.
  • Drain Unclogging:Efficiently clear blockages in sinks and bathtubs for smooth operation.
  • Toilet Seat Installation: Quick and straightforward upgrades for your bathroom’s comfort.

Safety Improvements

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation: Essential for maintaining home safety and compliance.
  • Window Lock Installation:Boost home security with durable window locks.
  • TV Wall Mounting: Prevent accidents and save space with secure TV mounting solutions.


  • Pressure Washing: Boost curb appeal and safety with thorough cleaning of driveways and sidewalks.
  • Gutter Cleaning: Ensure proper drainage and prevent water damage with clean gutters.
  • Window Cleaning: Enhance your view and outdoor enjoyment with crystal-clear windows.
  • Outdoor Light Fixture Replacement:Improve aesthetics and security with updated exterior lighting.
  • Deck Painting/Staining:Protect and beautify your deck with professional painting or staining.
  • Gate and Fence Repair: Extend the life of your fences with timely repairs or post replacements.

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Choosing us means investing in peace of mind. We’re not just a team of handymen; we’re your partners in property care, dedicated to ensuring your spaces are safe, functional, and visually appealing. Let us help elevate your property’s standards with our commitment to excellence and comprehensive service offerings.

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