As summer gently fades into the horizon in Victoria BC, the time has come to shift your focus preparing your lawn for fall. A well-prepared lawn not only looks inviting but also sets the stage for healthier growth in the following year. Year Round Yard Maintenance is here to help you achieve a vibrant fall lawn with our comprehensive range of services. In this guide, we’ll explore each service and highlight the benefits of entrusting your lawn care to our experts.


Aerating: Enhancing Root Health

Aeration is a foundational service that promotes the overall health of your lawn. By creating small perforations in the soil, we ensure that water, nutrients, and oxygen can penetrate the root zone more effectively. This service encourages robust root growth, which is essential for preparing your lawn’s resilience against changing weather conditions. Aerated lawns absorb nutrients better, resulting in a thicker and greener lawn that’s ready to face the challenges of fall and winter.

dethatching and power raking

Dethatching and Power Raking: Clearing the Way

Year Round Yard Maintenance goes the extra mile by offering dethatching and power raking services. Thatch buildup and accumulated debris can suffocate your lawn, hindering its ability to absorb essential elements. Our dethatching and power raking services remove this barrier, allowing your lawn to breathe and grow freely. This process not only improves nutrient absorption but also encourages the development of new grass shoots, leading to a healthier and more vibrant lawn.

Top Dressing Lawn

Top-Dressing and Overseeding: Revitalizing Your Lawn

Our top-dressing and overseeding services are designed to rejuvenate your lawn’s appearance and health. Top-dressing involves adding a thin layer of nutrient-rich soil to the surface, enriching the soil profile and promoting healthy growth. Paired with overseeding, which introduces new grass seed to your existing lawn, this combination encourages denser, more resilient turf that can withstand the challenges of fall and beyond. Our carefully selected grass seed blends ensure compatibility with Victoria BC’s unique climate.


Mulching: Nature’s Protective Blanket

Mulching is a service that offers a multitude of benefits for your fall lawn. By applying a layer of organic material, we help retain soil moisture, regulate temperature, and suppress weed growth. As the leaves fall and the weather cools, mulch acts as a protective blanket, safeguarding your lawn’s roots and enhancing its overall health. Year Round Yard Maintenance uses quality mulch that enriches the soil as it breaks down, contributing to your lawn’s long-term vitality.

Transform Your Lawn with Year Round Yard Maintenance

With Year Round Yard Maintenance’s expert services, your lawn will be fully prepared to thrive throughout the fall season and beyond. Our aerating, dethatching, power raking, top-dressing, overseeding, and mulching services combine to provide a holistic approach to preparing your lawn for fall. The benefits are undeniable:

  • Healthier root systems for increased resilience
  • Enhanced nutrient absorption for a vibrant, green lawn
  • Reduced thatch buildup and improved air circulation
  • Revitalized appearance and increased grass density
  • Effective protection against temperature fluctuations and weed growth

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